Hokie Talk is the podcast for Hokie students, parents, and professors alike. Each week, hosted by Aziz Malouche.

Hokie Talk gives an exciting insight into the lives and passions of students and professors in the Virginia Tech community. Please visit the FAQ to find out how you can get involved with our organization.

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Hokie Talk is a completely student-run podcast at Virginia Tech. Professors and students are interviewed about their expertise, opinions, and/or stories! Episodes are then made free to anyone who chooses to listen. Started by Aziz Malouche, the project has grown to a team of three people and featured prominent guests such as Linsey Marr, Brian Yohn, and Jeannine Eddleton.

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We need lots of help to grow the podcast to the vision we have. Hokie Talk is now an official club at Virginia Tech. Check us out on GobblerConnect or shoot us an email!

Virginia Tech only gives us money for a few things like microphones and doesn't completely cover the cost of hosting a podcast. We pay out of pocket to host Hokie Talk on streaming platforms and run this website. For that reason we do fundraisers and have donation link.

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Contact us: hokietalk1@gmail.com